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you can do other videos of makeup, but different than that you did or videos of outfits, but worn

Asked by Anonymous

Okayyy but what type of makeup D:

How often do you have to color your hair:) You're very beautiful, btw *~*

Asked by Anonymous

I mix it with my conditioner ^-^ so every time I wash my hair I put color in.
But my hair grows pretty quick so since dying it I’ve already got almost an inch to bleach and dye that I haven’t ;-;

are you straight?

Asked by Anonymous

I have no idea. I’m just like whatever happens I guess. I’ve never liked anyone so I don’t really care to label myself as any sexuality until I have.

can you do others videos?

Asked by Anonymous

You guys need to tell me what to do though ;-;

I don't think your submit is turned on :( it won't let me do it. I'd feel odd adding you on facebook though unless you want me to.

Asked by Anonymous

Oh I’ll do that once I get onto my computer >.>
Yeah! It’s no problemo just tell me the name to accept ^-^

You are very beautiful.♡

Asked by Anonymous

Thank you my child

Soo i have this really cool thing about LoTR I want to make and show you. What would be the best way to make sure you see it :)

Asked by Anonymous

you can send it on here like submit (I think I have that) or in my facebook too! You’ll just have to tell me which person to accept ^-^ I don’t usually go through requests

You're the most beautiful woman I've seen on Tumblr AND I DONT LIKE IT

Asked by Anonymous

Am I supposed to apologize for my face or what

What brand of black lipstick do you use, looks great !

Asked by Anonymous

Limecrime! It’s good but impossible to get off ;-;

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