Anonymous: Are you going for the Anne Hathaway in Alice in wonderland look?

I’ve looked like this since before the movie haha so no I’m not going for that look. But I suppose we both have pale skin!

Anonymous: We-heart-piercing re-posted your vertical labret picture😢

Poop ;-;
Why is re blogging so hard for people jeebus

Anonymous: I never seen a real life monster high doll before, congrats on going all the way with it. You are the first girl that has captured the look perfectly.

I can’t tell if this is a compliment but I’m going to take it as one. Thank you!

Anonymous: Your the most interesting goth girl I've ever seen,your beautiful

I don’t identify as a goth or part of the goth culture/life style thing but thank you >.<

Anonymous: you should check out fostercare1, malformalady, and deformutilated if you don't follow them already.

They don’t seem like creepy blogs >.>
I want ones that have a bit of gore, horror movies and strange creepy things. Mostly black and white as well >.<