Anonymous asked: you advise me some rock songs similar to the pretty reckless?

I can’t really think of any ;~; 
I’ve looked before but everywhere just says Paramore or bands that aren’t really rock and I don’t like >.<


black and white horror/gore blog here.

Anonymous asked: fuck, u r beautiful xx

thank you

Anonymous asked: Hair tutorial?

please read my info ;-;
I have no time right now
and honestly all I do is straighten it and sometimes wear extensions


"All these young girls getting themselves pregnant"

Wow, self impregnating teenage girls, these men should be afraid, we as women are evolving at alarming rates.

Anonymous asked: Hey,i know youre not goth,but. could you do a video doing a Goth everyday like makeup? Ive searched around for videos like your style of makeup and i havent find any :3

when I have time I can try

Anonymous asked: hey I really like your makeup videos I was wondering if you could do some more make up videos or outfit videos Thanks=^•^=

I really don’t want to be a youtber ;~; I keep getting messages of angry people telling me to post more but I have no time :/ I’ll try once I get a break from school but that could still be another few months, sorry

Anonymous asked: What make up do you use? & How do you make your face so clear and pale?

I have horrendously dry skin so it’s not really clear it just doesn’t show up on camera. I’m a natural redhead so I’m naturally almost paper. Read my info for the other questions

Anonymous asked: Do you do make up tutorials? If not would you?

Click the link that says info on my profile

Anonymous asked: What lipstick are you wearing in your panda coat picture and the one with your blonde curly hair please

I wasn’t wearing lipstick with my panda kigurumi picture but for the other I think it was an inglot lipstick I got as a gift. I lost it so I don’t know what color ;~;

The bacterial contamination is spreading,And none of you are still alive.